Programming and maintenance of vehicle software

You must have noticed that your car’s control units have a chip lock or specially designed software for them, which prevents you from changing the control unit from one car to another, which in turn also means you have to incur high costs of buying new software or reprogramming new control units if it fails Any of these programs. As for our role at AHM Car Services, we understand the importance of keeping the software and programming of your car control unit up to date, and we help you with that through our own service.

Control units – replacement and programming

The Engine Control Unit (ECU) is the main computer in a car’s engine, and it is important to always ensure that it is working properly and diagnose it if any problem is suspected. To stay safe and prevent outages anywhere.

Proud to say
That our engineers have the knowledge and high-tech tools to repair and program the used control units from one vehicle to another, while maintaining the same functions that the vehicle had before the replacement.
and get :
  • Radio key reprogramming
  • Ignition key repair
  • On/off replacement (in case the key is lost for security reasons)
  • Fix hardware and software defects such as ECU, BCM, and Clusters
  • Repair of wiring, computer units, control units, solenoids, sensors, programming, etc.


Let our professional experts at AHM Auto Services do the diagnostics and checks for your vehicle, its components and software for you, especially if you do not have sufficient knowledge in this field.

Did you know !

Most control units used in today's cars are chip closed or programmed only for that particular vehicle.


Buying new car software is very expensive, unlike maintaining it.