Pre-purchase check

Pre-purchase inspection service for used cars provided by AHM is a unique service that enables our dear customers to know the internal and external conditions of the car they intend to buy before making their final decision, and according to the data of the careful examination by our team of expert technicians, the decision to buy or not will be based on Safe and secure foundations that ensure the protection of our client from regret later or suffering from any future problems, in addition to saving a lot of money and ensuring his safety.

The AHM checklist that gives you all the answers :

  • Scratch Check – This check reveals if dents have been repainted on the vehicle by checking for any differences in the paint layer.
  • Electronics Check – This check includes making sure that all electrical components are working as they are supposed to,
    Check for Leaks – During this process check for any oil drips from the engine, suspension, air conditioner, etc.
  • Battery Problems – This check is applied to verify that the battery terminals are free of any damage or damage.
  • Noise check – this check makes sure that there is no noise caused by any component of the car, such as the engine, brakes, air conditioner, or others. The noise indicates a problem with the component under examination.
  • Check Engine – The engine is the heart of the car, so it is thoroughly checked for any knocking, misalignment, vibration or even any smoke.
It is worth noting that the mentioned checklist is not exclusive, but rather comprehensive and more detailed, which makes it difficult to implement it personally. It is recommended that this task be left to technicians and experts. As car buyers benefit from this service, it is also available to sellers of pre-owned cars and helps them promote their business.
With Autolane provided parts
  • Together with our team of professional technicians with the ability to handle the latest tools and the most advanced technology, we make the used car inspection process simpler and more efficient, and our work comes with a comprehensive vehicle condition report to help make the right decision.