Transmission repair – gear

Gearbox repair is the second component of an automobile powertrain. The gearbox (transmission) changes the speed and torque of the vehicle according to the road and load condition.

If you feel any problem with your car gearbox, please do not hesitate to call or come and ask for a check up with one of our specialists.

Signs that you may have a problem with the transmission in the car :

  • No response or delay in transmission.
  • Sliding lime. It can feel like you’re driving in a certain gear and then shift for no apparent reason.
  • The gearbox makes a noise: whining, buzzing, or rattling noises in neutral Smells like fire.
  • Low or Leaking Transmission Fluid, Look under your vehicle to see if you have a leak.
    Make sure the engine light is on.
If you encounter any of these problems
Please feel free to contact us and book an appointment.
One of our specialists will
  • Checks for errors by diagnostic tester, and checks the gearbox controller.
  • Check the condition of the gearbox oil.
  • Remove gearbox and gear clutch if necessary.
  • Depending on the malfunction, replacement or repair will be carried out according to the manufacturer's standards and specifications.
  • Filling the gearbox oil and connecting the diagnostic tester in order to adjust the gears.
  • Replace the gearbox if it is completely damaged.

What is the significance of this procedure?

This procedure saves you a lot of expenses, increases the life of your car and protects your own safety.

At AHM we offer you:

Saving time and effort

Enjoy the benefits of saving time and effort when repairing within AHM

safety point

The transmission system is the most important part of the car and necessary for the operation of the engine