Car engine maintenance and repair

By taking care of the engine, performing regular maintenance and having to fix any small problem that may appear will increase the life of your vehicle.

The engine is the heart of your vehicle and at AHM we pride ourselves on our skilled technicians with over twenty years of experience diagnosing and repairing this particular part of your vehicle and guaranteeing that you will not get greater service or advice anywhere else.

Signs that your car may have engine problems

  1. Any strange sounds in the engine
  2. smoke out
  3. Low oil level
  4. low oil pressure
  5. sudden uncontrolled jerking
How do we check and diagnose your car engine?
We use original and high quality test equipment, inspect the combustion chamber and engine oil consumption while completing a visual inspection of all engine components.
Services Included:
  • Replacing the engine oil and oil filter
  • Engine air filter change
  • Change the spark plugs
  • replacement belt accessory
  • Inspection/repair/replacement of throttle system and battery
  • Engine Regeneration
  • Engine change

All parts are under examination

At AHM we test every single part including

safety point

Give your car engine special care to be safe

Did you know !

Diagnosing engine problems is more difficult than solving At AHM we use the latest technology to diagnose the most difficult problems