The perfect destination for car air conditioning repair

If you have doubts about your car air conditioner working properly, or you still feel the presence of heat even after turning it on, this means that the car air conditioner needs maintenance, but the maintenance should be at a high level of quality, which is exactly what we offer at AHM; To maintain our distinguished classification as a leading car air conditioner repair company in Jerusalem.

Latest devices and technologies

At AHM, we understand the importance of good AC working, we have the tools and techniques to diagnose and identify any malfunctions related to this particular part of your vehicle.

Take care of efficiency
If your car's air conditioner isn't working efficiently, needs gas, or you haven't been in service for a long time
Services Included:
  • Condenser repair, gas compressor, fan
  • Evaporator repair, collector, control switches
  • Repair of connection points and electrical wires
  • Hose repair
  • Replace Freon gas

Possible causes of air conditioning problems

One of the following reasons could be behind the problem of the car air conditioner not working properly


Through AHM, you can get AC repair service for all major brands

performance level

At AHM, we make sure to use guaranteed and high quality spare parts