About the company

AHM Auto Services was established with the main objective of providing its customers with maintenance and repair services provided by car agencies but with higher standards, which helps us to be the preferred alternative to our customers, and enables us to progress and enjoy a distinguished reputation as the best auto repair and service center in Jerusalem. The advantages of reasonable prices and convenient scheduling along with unbeatable quality services.

The reason for our ability to provide our expertise and high professionalism at a lower cost than that of car dealerships, which may sometimes reach half the cost, but without compromising the quality of services, is due to the different nature of the work of the car repair service center, garage and advanced workshop, and because it is owned and operated in a way independent.

We provide our technicians with the permanent training necessary for all the car brands we specialize in.

It should also be noted that the company is certified as an official agent by the German company Bosch.



Your comfort is a priority for us, so leave it to us to take good care of your car.

In our company:

  • An area of 1800 square meters.
  • 7 car lifts.
  • Capacity of 60 cars per day.
  • A dedicated engine room for engine repair, refurbishment or replacement.
  • Highly qualified and certified technicians, each specializing in the brands we serve and key vehicle parts.
  • Parts department and own warehouse with spare parts available and assigned teams.
  • Professional team.
    Labor and spare parts guarantee certificates.
  • We keep your vehicle’s service and maintenance history forever preserved with a highly advanced CRM system.
  • Huge stock of various spare parts.
  • Easy and fast access.
    Comfortable waiting area.
  • Air conditioning, TV, and free Wi-Fi.